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All You Need Is You

Restlessness, frenzy, hysteria.

Insanity, delirium, mania.


Calmness, serenity, peace.

Sanity, tranquility, ease.


You can be mad, and you can be glad.

You can be frustrated, and you can be elated.

You can be regretful, and you can be cheerful.

You can be gloomy, and you can be jolly.


The important thing to know is…

All of the above are acceptable in this world.


You are flawed.

You are vulnerable.

You are imperfect.

You are human.


You see, 

at the end of the day,

all you need is —


Why I Wrote This Piece

This submission is part of the “Write to Discover” program. Without a doubt, each and every one of us goes through phases of unbelievable happiness and equal amounts of sadness. I, myself, have gone through similar chapters in my life, and the unequivocal lesson I have learned is that through both triumphs and downfalls, the only constant is myself. In the end, you are your greatest asset, and when all is said and done, All You Need Is You.


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