Submission Guidelines

Home to over 3 million people, Toronto is a dynamic metropolis filled with diverse and vibrant neighbourhoods and soaring skyscrapers. The city and its people have stories to be told, and we want to hear them from you. Whether you have a poem about visiting the CN Tower with your family, a painting of Toronto’s skyline, or an article exploring the city’s forgotten watershed, we want you to get personal and creative!#DearToronto

Some ground rules:

  • The work must relate to the city of Toronto.
  • The work must be original and cannot be previously published somewhere else. The pieces cannot be fanfiction or derived from any other preexisting work.
  • You have to be between the ages of 14-29 to submit.
  • Keep the subject matter appropriate — this means no sexual content, profanity, and gratuitous violence.
  • You are only allowed one submission. If you want to submit more than one piece, please reach out to us. We will review it on a case-to-case basis.
  • Submission deadline: May 16th, 2021 11:59 PM ET

Submission Types

INKspire accepts a variety of content submissions. Below are some types of submissions and their general writing and formatting guidelines.

  • Articles (short and long piece, feature, opinion, analysis, reviews, etc.)
  • Q&As/Interviews
  • Creative Writing (poems, short stories, personal essays, monologues, etc.)
  • Artworks (comics and caricatures, photography, graphic illustrations, and scanned reproduction of hand-produced art)

For more information about our submission guidelines, please visit our website at: https://inkspire.org/submission-guidelines/

Youth Biography Guidelines

Instead of writing a traditional biography, where you would list out your achievements in third person and in a professional tone, we want to hear more about you. Since #DearToronto is meant to showcase the stories of youth, we want the community to forge a personal connection with you and your experiences. So tell us: who are you, and what is your story?

Choose one or two of these prompts to help you get started:

  • Talk about your background: where are you from?
  • What is your favourite memory you have about Toronto?
  • Who or what inspired you to create this piece?
  • What are you passionate about, and why?
  • What is the most valuable lesson you have learned so far as a writer/artist?

We suggest keeping your biography between 100 -150 words. It can be written in first or third person, whichever way helps you the most with telling your story. Feel free to get personal and creative with the biographies, and make your story fun and engaging!

Here is an example:

As a writer, I find that my best pieces come from writing about my own personal experiences. So I wrote Red and Gold as a love letter to my Chinese Canadian heritage. Before my uncle and aunt retired, they ran a supermarket in Chinatown, and every summer, my parents would bring my brother and me downtown to visit them and their shop. Although the streets were always noisy and crowded, I enjoyed being in a place that was so alive, full of energy, and proudly Chinese. I’ve always carried home that pride with me after each visit.

Submit your work using the form below or directly at inkspire.org/deartoronto-submit