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The emptiness is not finite!

The emptiness is exceptionally dateless.


Emptiness is uncounted,

emptiness is endless,

emptiness is multitudinous,



Pangs of alienation, however hard they try to disappear,

As they prevent me from succeeding 


Will always be acute.





into the darkness of the pangs.


Violently they go – the knifelike, the penetrating, the piercing.


Felt like a discarded toy, lurking around longing for someone to play with 




into the darkness of the barrenness.


Gently it goes – the muzzy, the woolly, the hairy.


At last, I’m full of joy like a vivid rainbow, 

I watch myself laugh. 

Give my friends a shake, 

And laughs till my belly aches.

Why I Wrote This Piece

This submission is part of the “Write to Discover” program. This poem is regarding my life during my first year of university where I did not make any friends and it made me feel lonely inside. However, during my second year, I stepped outside of my comfort zone, made new friends, and am glad that I didn’t stop trying.


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