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Are you interested in journalism?

Join News for Youth, a free, five-week online writing workshop for youth (ages 13-18). Get $25 for publishing your articles with us! Priority will be given to youth who self-identify as a member of the following groups: racialized, indigenous peoples, LGBTQ2S+ persons, and people with disabilities.

This series of workshops will be hosted by INKspire and Find Your Story, two non-profit organizations working to inspire youth through language arts activities.

Workshops start in May 2021. The deadline to apply is on Friday, April 30th, 2021 at 11:59 PM.



What you’ll gain?

News for Youth

A Community
Connect with writers who have shared interests.

News for Youth

Your Voice
Find and develop your own personal writing voice.

News for Youth

New Writing
Create a collection of journalism pieces.

News for Youth

Work with our editors to publish your articles.

News for Youth

Career Insights
Hear from real journalists in the field.

News for Youth

Global Citizen
Bring awareness to the issues that matter.


Each workshop will be 1.5 hours long.

Workshop 1: Introduction to Journalism

Workshop 2: Preliminary Research

Workshop 3: Building the Article

Workshop 4: Finalizing the Draft

Workshop 5: Gala and Reflection Session



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News for Youth
News for Youth
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