The following piece was inspired by a colleague and companion who struggled with their identity. Ultimately, this affected their relationships, job, and goals.  They had no motivation to do anything. But one day they woke up, decided to get their sh*t together, and get their sh*t done.


Bob is brown. 

Bob is black. 

Bob is yellow. 

Bob is all. 

Who is Bob? 

I don’t know. We don’t know. Bob doesn’t know. 

Bob, Robert, Bobby, Boblet, Bobba. 

So many names, So many identities. 

Brown shirt, black shirt, yellow shirt. 

So many decisions. 

To get up or to not get up? 

So hard. 

Bob will just stay. 

The bed is comfortable. 

Bob is ? 

Bob is a fighter. 

Bob gets up. 

Bob gets his shit done.