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Body, Mind & Spirit – Looking Forward

This poem was inspired by my struggles in post-secondary when it was difficult to remain physically and mentally healthy while still doing well academically. To this day, I struggle to find motivation to improve my physical health, and this takes a toll on my mental health. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find support networks that aid youth in navigating these issues. My poem was written at a time when I recognized how important it is for me to not leave my body, mind or spirit behind in the pursuit of an education. I realized a balanced approach is necessary in order to achieve success. How I get to this place is still unknown. Perfection may be unattainable, but it is appealing to me as I continue in working towards it.

Body, Mind & Spirit – Looking Forward

I got lost in myself.

Caught up with the me I created within my mind.

Preoccupied with the thoughts,

the intentions.

Forgetting that my intelligence is irrelevant without attention to my physiological self.

Intelligence unattainable without physical wealth.

Body, Mind, Spirit.

Struggling deeply with my emotional and physical sentiments.

Mentally awakened, spiritually charged and yet,

fighting to maintain balance.

My mind takes aim, my body misfires.

I need nourishment.

For so long, I had mistaken this hunger for soul searching,

all I needed was guidance.

Heart aching for meaningful companionship,

soul searching for enlightenment,

ravenous for wisdom.

Baffled by my composition,

I had forced  a disconnect,

Mind apart from body.

And so the search for wholeness ensued,

perfection pending…


the extension of darkness,

overwhelming me.

I suppose I am scattered,


parts of me,


others afloat.

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