City of Toronto 

The city everyone knows, among some of the best cities across the globe, Toronto is known for its diverse neighborhoods and of course, the famous Raptors team. From daily Tim Hortons trips to a nice walk at our local parks, it just keeps getting better. Fun opportunities range for every youth, from outdoor community centers to fun outdoor activities, the list goes on and on.

City of Toronto 

(Downtown Toronto Night Lights) 

There’s always something new to try, every season is full of surprises. Some of my best times were spent in the winter with the cozy feeling of a hot chocolate warming your hands, going ice skating, on a trip to downtown where they have the best event gatherings. Ohh and my favorite, New Year’s Countdown. Of course, summer has its own benefits as well, a trip with friends to Niagara falls, the exciting woodbine beach with an amazing view of our city, or a spontaneous day spent at Wonderland, you’d be surprised at how much there is to do.

City of Toronto 

(Niagara Falls Water view) 

Let’s talk about my favorite places to go to. Starting with the well-known Science Centre, an impressive exhibition that has all kinds of cool stuff, from The Space Hall to the Science Arcade and more. There are hundreds of fun activities to try! Another one of my top best places to go to in Toronto would definitely have to be Graffiti Alley. Graffiti is my passion and going there gives me inspiration. If you want a cool view, graffiti alley is the place to go. Vibrant colors and vibes, there’s positivity everywhere.

City of Toronto 

(I recommend zooming into the photo, you’ll see all kinds of interesting details)

There’s a variety of foods to try here from all kinds of cultures. I personally love shawarma on a busy day, it keeps my mood up and it’s got a really good flavor (of course, I gotta have soda with it). And then there’s Tim Hortons, probably every Canadian’s favorite go-to place. They have got you covered for breakfast, lunch, cold drinks and all kinds of delicious desserts like donuts, croissants, bagels and more. Asides from shawarma being my favorite meal, I love an iced capp from Tim Hortons, it’s the best drink for the summer. 

City of Toronto 

(Tim Hortons’ iced coffee)

With growing opportunities for everyone, Toronto is always expanding and there’s always something new to try. What I love the most is that even if you’re having the worst day of your life, you can always find something to do in Toronto to give you comfort and to enjoy your time. It’s a city full of surprises. 

City of Toronto (Toronto city hall view)

Why I Wrote This Piece

I really wanted to write about myself and share my experience. I want whoever the audience is to kind of have an idea of what it’s like living in Toronto, what are some cool new things they could try, and I just wanted it to be me being creative about my thoughts.


  • Saleha Kamal

    i love graffiti art, writing is also something i do for fun. i grew up in toronto, so i know the streets. i love trying new things and sharing my experiences and advice with others.

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