This is a short piece I wrote when I packed up and moved from the deserts of the Middle East to the cold winters of Canada. It highlights the experience of leaving behind people without any feeling of sadness because you know that no distance can weaken your bond whether it be of friendship or love. But as the days pass, priorities change and you realize that time has other plans for you.

And like the dying embers of a flame,

their passion fizzled out


then all at once,

like the blink of an eye,

distance severed their tie.

Quite often, we come across people and we wonder, “why didn’t I meet them sooner?” or “I need someone like you in my life.”

There is an immediate connection, a string connecting your souls. A string that does not need intervention to be strengthened. You’re tied together. Through this bond, you prove that friendship isn’t measured in the years you’ve been in each other’s presence, but in the moments you’ve spent and the memories you’ve created.

And perhaps, this friendship blossoms into a new emotion: Love.

You enjoy each other’s company, which may be devoid of words, but is rich with a certain feeling of comfort and contentedness.

Then one day, you part ways. And you think: Our bond, whatever it may be, will remain forever.

But days pass, communication decreases and time consumes the strength your relationship once had. You care, but they’re not your top priority anymore.

And you’re left with the thought:

Was it even real?


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