Letters to Toronto

Dear Toronto,

Thank you for being a place with opportunities and hope. When I arrived in Canada for the first time, I remember gazing through the plane window and imagining what it would be like to live in Toronto. Will there be people like me? What friends will I make? Will I like it?

I came here so that my children could have a better life. Back in my hometown, I had heard about the CN Tower, the busy streets of Downtown, and free education. I knew about the universities here, and I wanted those opportunities for my kids. Despite the language barriers and the initial struggle to find a job, I have worked hard and accomplished my goal to experience a better life.


Diana, an immigrant mother from Asia


Dear Toronto,

Thank you for your museums, art galleries, and public events. One of my favourite parts of summer is walking along the downtown streets, watching concerts at Yonge-Dundas Square, going to events in the Scotiabank Arena, and visiting the Royal Ontario Museum. I love being at the top of the CN Tower, gazing at the city below. There, I can see the streams of cars flowing along the streets. I can see Lake Ontario, dotted with ferries travelling to Toronto Island. When I think about the island, my mind always travels back to the Toronto Dragon Boat Race Festival. The ferry ride had been my first time, and I remember staring out at the blue water, excited to watch the boat race. I am forever grateful for the tourist attractions and sights offered in Toronto.


Marilyn, a Grade 7 student in Downtown Toronto


Dear Toronto,

Thank you for your universities, libraries, and educational resources. At the St. George campus of the University of Toronto, I’ve met new friends, learned how to live on my own, and become a better student. I came to Canada to study after hearing my friend talk about his experience  in Canada.

One of my favourite places is the Toronto Reference Library. When I entered the grand library for the first time, I remember being amazed by the stacks of books and rooms filled with spaces to study. After my four years of studying and living in Toronto, I can confidently say that it has been one of the best experiences in my life.


Stephanie, an international student at the University of Toronto


Why I Wrote This Piece

I was inspired to create this fictional piece after realizing how lucky I am to live in Toronto and to have access privileges such as education and freedom of speech. This piece is written from the perspectives of different Torontonians and talks about the tourist attractions, diversity, and opportunities in Toronto.


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