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How to Love an Anxious Person

As someone who has dealt with generalized anxiety disorder for the past 4 years, this poem stemmed from not having read any poems about the inner thoughts of someone who goes through anxiety on a daily basis. You often hear poems about people with depression, or people who are suicidal, but it’s not often that you get to step into the mind of someone with an anxiety disorder. People with an anxiety disorder, such as myself, are often told to “chill” or “not be so worried all the time”; but as you’ll find out in my poem, it is not really that easy.

How to Love an Anxious Person

How to love an anxious person…

Tread lightly 

Don’t make any sudden movements

When she asks you every hour if you’re mad at her, say no

Even if you are

If you compliment her, be gentle

Don’t be too descriptive

It will only make her more paranoid that you notice so many things 

You’ve probably already noticed her flaws

Like her crooked nose

Or her weird laugh

Or how she says the word sorry and you’ll hear that word a lot because when she isn’t talkative for awhile 

She’ll apologize

Because it’s her fault that she doesn’t like winter and it’s too cold to do anything other than walk in silence 

Because really she’s annoying as hell anyway and you only talk to her because she’s pretty


She’s quiet because she’s trying not to slip on the ice all around her

She’s clumsy enough as it is 

She trips over words 

Stumbles over sentences

Can’t seem to stop falling into awkward situations where the only thing that manages to escape from her mouth is 



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