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How To Travel When You’re Young, Broke, and Desperate for Adventure

For those who have grandparents desperate to share their wisdom, we’re often told that life is short, and that it’s our job to live it to the best of our ability. However, for most of us, it feels like we spend the majority of our lives in school and work. When we’re not writing tests for six different courses, we’re rushing halfway across the city to complete a shift at our part-time job. It’s a routine we’ve become accustomed to — wake up, school, work and repeat.

Travel is a common desire for students, but it’s difficult when you’re already in debt and under the stress of exams. But traveling is crucial when you’re young, as it can open your mind to many opportunities. There are a couple ways to travel when you’re young, broke, and desperate for adventure, and I’m about to share them with you.

How To Travel When You're Young, Broke, and Desperate for Adventure

Image Source: Odyssey

Start Saving

If you have a part-time job, it might be time to start putting money aside every pay cheque. Each cheque, you can ask your bank to transfer a certain amount of money into a savings account. Traveling can get expensive, and saving up prior to the trip will help determine what kind of getaway you want to have.

If you want something luxurious (like renting out a villa near the water in Mykonos), it might be a good idea to save more. If you’re planning to be adventurous and jump from hostel to hostel, then save enough for the flights and extra cash for food and souvenirs. The thought of money can be a pain, but finances don’t have to stand in the way of your trip if you start saving for it now.

Choose Your Countries

There’s always a list of countries that we want to visit the most. Get a globe (if anyone still has those anymore), look at the countries, and choose your top hot spots. Do you want to visit the blue lagoon in Iceland? Spend a day hiking some of the largest mountains in New Zealand?

If you’re interested in a Europe trip, it’s probably best to get all those countries in one getaway. Spend a couple days in Paris, then take the train to England. It’s cheaper to travel in Europe once you’re already in Europe, so book a flight to a country, and book your exit flight from your last destination for your adventure.

Book Your Flight

Finding a cheap flight is one of the most difficult things when planning a trip. In terms of worldwide flights, I recommend looking on Expedia.ca. All you have to do is type in your destination and the cheapest trip will come up, including both one-way and return flights. Though if you’re keeping to the West and are interested in flying to Europe, I suggest KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. You can fly from Toronto to Amsterdam for as low as $800 for a return trip.

Flights will likely be the most expensive part of your trip, so be prepared to spend the most of your money that. From my experience of looking through flights, I suggest flying sometime between March and June. Those months seem to be the cheapest, while summer and holiday months will be the most expensive.

How To Travel When You're Young, Broke, and Desperate for Adventure

Image Source: Odyssey

Book Your Accommodations

There are various different approaches when choosing the right path for your accommodations. You could stay in a hotel, a hostel, find a family to spend a night with, or book a place with Airbnb. The website allows you to rent some of the most beautiful houses and condos in the city you want to stay in with a cheap per night rating.

You can choose between spending a week there, a couple days, or any period of time that works best for your host. If you want something cheaper, then it’s a good idea to ask a local of any nearby families that allow people over for a night. It may sound like a recipe for a horror movie, but it’s actually quite a normal thing to do in Europe and some other countries.

Have The Best Time Of Your Life

After throwing a pile of clothes into a backpack and bringing your most reliable set of headphones, it’s finally time to grab your passport and escape from the city to start your adventure. Get crazy, open your heart to new perspectives, and have the most magical experience that will keep you satisfied when you return home.


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