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This piece embodies the act of simply being in the moment and perfectly in tune with our surroundings. Music in itself is a powerful artistic medium that impacts our perception of life, art, and love. Having had the experience to listen to a band playing music from various cultures across the world inspired me to create this piece. This local Toronto band plays music in different parks during the summer and share their positive vibes with the audience. The band’s willingness to merge the different cultural music together and create something so pure helped me understand the significance of Toronto’s multicultural essence.

We tend to forget the importance of taking the time to appreciate the little things in life. The opportunities we have to be surrounded by our friends, family, and great vibes is often overlooked because of just how busy we are or how busy we keep ourselves. This piece shows the appreciation of little moments in life that may pass us by if we do not take a pause. It is important to give ourselves time to relax, breathe, and just be there with a calm mind. There is music, art, and beauty in everything if we take the time to slow down and simply tune in to the high that is life.


Two people watching a band of musicians playing music in a park.

Summer, good vibes, and live music


  • Nadima Ali Latif

    Nadima is an artist who expresses her deepest thoughts through creative-writing, painting, photography, and other artistic mediums. Her work focuses on somber moments with a hint of relaxation that blossoms into hope. Nadima enjoys writing on topics that express her thoughts on mental health, love and meditation.

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