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I’m a huge fan of the inner mentality and spirituality of people and love learning about it from myself and others. Recently, I’ve been feeling the need to be alone. I’m finally realizing how intensely shy I can be around other people. I want to share with you the breathtaking experience of being enveloped in solitude and how today’s fast paced society drowns out that element.


Close your eyes.

Skies are inky black, blotched with spilled salt in the sky tinted delicately with deep purple and blue. Silence is like a cloak embracing you in which your thoughts and confusion dissipate into the quietude. You are suspended in a soft bed of water, spreading infinitely outwards. The soothing gulps kiss you softly on the cheeks and your submerged body unwinds while a sigh of wind chills your face. You drift off, deeper, deeper, until nothing exists except your very existence, your inseparability from the universe. Your body ceases to take shape; you have no head, eyes, fingers. You are simply a witness to the world beholding these sensations.

Open your eyes.

It is 8:09 in the morning. Dread creeps up from the back of your mind and you start pulling off your pajamas almost violently and then squirm into your clothes. You scoop up your books that sprawl sullenly on the floor and stuff them in your bag. In a last ditch effort, you make a dash for school, dodging noisy crowds and honking cars, through flashing lights and soaring buildings. You receive detention for being late. Two of your assignments are not completed, and at the end of the day you are on the bottom step of the stairwell, intensely overwhelmed. Loud students gather in clumps and whiz past you.

Do you belong here?


You stare out the window at the frenzy of cars during rush hour, then close the blinds and roll onto your bed. Placing your hands behind your head, you close your eyes and begin dreaming again, drifting into the simplicity of solitude.


I am an introvert. I am an artist. I am a musician. I am a creative writer. I am bisexual. However, labels like these fade when I am alone.