let the colours of our history unravel

let the colours of our history unravel

let the colours of our history unravel

Our differences were what bonded us.

We used to complement each other,

like orange and blue.

You’ve been spreading rumours about me,

I heard your latest jokes—

did you not know your best friend would hear them?

They say, “eyes are windows to the soul.”

Well, I can’t see yours when you avoid my gaze.

I look at your sweatshirt,

tie-dye blooms spread like wildfire.

I don’t feel safe around you anymore.

Your friendship bracelet by the way,

I still have on my wrist.

It’s frayed now and no longer spells

that magic union between us.

Dyes all faded to a weak beige:

just like your feelings for me, I guess.

It’s been days and I haven’t heard from you.

I see you around, but we don’t hang out.

I look at my plaid shirt with

its wild streaks, each crossing a friend.

Never reuniting.

Weren’t we cut from the same neighbourhood, stitched with the same love?

Are we now that divided?

I took apart the bracelet you made me long ago.

I pulled the strings and

let the colours of our history


Why I Wrote This Poem

“let the colours of our history unravel” is a piece I fleshed out during one of the workshops of Write to Discover! 

I was inspired by some of the themes I saw from a 2020 American teen drama, Grand Army. My message for you folks is that it is crucial to use your power to end relationships that don’t meet your needs. You very much can make that decision. 

The watercolour piece as the title card is my own.


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