Life Changing Cruise


Life Changing Cruise

It was a cold December morning and Krystal just came back from a long day at school. Her parents were sitting in the living room and Krystal’s eyes lit up when she saw them, hoping they came bearing some good news. “We are going on a cruise to the Caribbean for the winter break” exclaimed Krystal’s parents. Krystal was overjoyed when she heard the news and started jumping up and down with joy and decided to share this news with her sister as well. 

The day that Krystal has been anticipating finally arrived. The whole family arrived at the airport to catch their flight to Miami. After a couple hours, they arrived and decided to head for their cruise ship. It was Krystal’s first time on a cruise and she was in awe of the beautiful architecture of the cruise ship. Krystal was very happy and excited and she started jumping with joy and anticipated a great vacation.  

Krystal has always heard about cruises from friends and family, and read about cruises in books. She’s excited that she will finally get to go on the cruise. Krystal was feeling a little moody before boarding the ship due to some family issues but seeing the inside of the ship makes her forget all of her worries. She took out her phone and started taking pictures everywhere. All the designs are so delicate.  

Krystal started jumping up and down with joy as she remembered that she didn’t need to attend school and can enjoy the vacation. She heard that there’s a jacuzzi in the ship and got very excited imagining her sitting there and enjoying the view. She and her sister started talking excitedly about the cruise and being very curious about everything they saw. They saw that there were a lot of shops on the cruise. 

Krystal really likes to eat and was excited to see all of the things to eat on the cruise. She also heard that there would be buffets on the cruise and got excited. She really likes traveling and just being able to live in the moment and enjoy and forget about all of her worries. Krystal heard that there will be lots of things to do on the cruise such as rock climbing and excursions, she can’t wait to try them all. 

The first thing they did was check into their room on the ship and settle down. After that, they decided to go to the restaurant for their first dinner on the cruise. When Krystal first stepped into the dining room, she was amazed by the decorations and the atmosphere. A waiter came and take their orders, Krystal was surprised at how good he looked. The waiter proceeded to talk to the family and asked them questions and interacted with them. It was the first time that Krystal met a waiter who was willing to go the extra mile for their customers. 

The next day, they went back to the restaurant and they had the same waiter. Krystal was happy as she started to like the waiter more. After dinner, the family decided to go play table tennis on the second deck as it was Krystal’s mother’s strongest suit. They had a lot of fun and there was a guy who was playing table tennis at the table next to them and he glanced over at Krystal as Krystal was looking over at him. He introduced himself to Krystal and said his name was Blake, they found out that they are the same age and they started talking more.

Krystal found herself to be falling for Blake as well. The next day, Krystal and her family went back to the same restaurant and the same waiter was there. Today, Krystal found out that his name was James. They talked more and she found out that he was 10 years older than her. Krystal went to bed that day feeling conflicted as she didn’t know whether to choose Blake or James. She decided to go with Blake as they are more similar in age. 

Blake was very cute and they decided to go on their first date. It was very exciting and nerve-racking for both of them. Blake and Krystal had a lot to talk about as the night went on and they found out that they like similar things and liked each other. They both loved watching movies and listening to music. Krystal and Blake went to a disco party and they both had a lot of fun.

Just like that, the cruise came to an end, and Krystal had an amazing time. She was in grade 12 at that time and didn’t know what to major in university and the cruise made her realize that she wanted to go into Hospitality and Tourism Management. Krystal really wanted to major in Hospitality and Tourism because she realized that she’s not good in science or math or computer science and felt that this was a good route for her. Krystal wanted to go into this sector as she really likes meeting new people and learning more about their experiences, she loves traveling as well. She came to this decision because Krystal really appreciates what James did as she had never experienced anything like this before.


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