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Love, You

Love, You


Dear you,

I should have learned to be kinder to you. I was your biggest critic and I was so harsh on you. Spending so much time in the mirror, overanalyzing every part. Your eyes are too small, your forehead too big. So many flaws. So much time wasted on worrying and crying.  I should have spent those warm summer days nurturing your hobbies. Less days counting calories and watching the scale. But I should have spent more days listening to pop and riding your bike near the lake. The mistakes I made towards you hurt me in the end as well. It was so hard to love you. We have the same blood, but I made you depressed because I felt useless. I wasn’t good enough for you. I wasn’t pretty enough, strong enough nor manly enough.

I swore I grew to love you more as time went on. It just took me time and some healing. I’m sorry for skipping meals. I wish I told you you were beautiful more often. There is so much regret and mismanaged memories. I wasn’t thankful enough for all the blessings I had.  So many gloomy days because of me. There seemed to be more tears than raindrops some seasons. I was so harsh on you because I thought we could be better. More popular and more beautiful. Endless photos with filters to make you look plastic. Just for a few stupid Instagram likes. But you’re perfect the way you are. What I did to you, I did for me too. You made me who I am today. I’m sorry I made you feel abandoned. I’m trying to love you a little bit more every day. I have to — you’re me.


Love, you


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