i. frontline.

those colossal sea walls, once thought impenetrable

toes buried in grains of sand on a dwindling beach,

she wonders what it feels like, plunging into those depths.

Atlantis sank for its hubris; her home will sink despite its virtue.


acrid taste of that burnt, splendous Californian sunset

settles on her tongue

fluttering ash, a maddening dash

all is cinders in a smoldering forge.


brittle, withered, shriveled

wizened face creased, lines baked into his sun-loved face

wondering why rain, long gone friend, had forsaken him

leaving only cracks in the earth behind.


white fur plastered against a husk

cowering on a lonely piece of ice

fallen from its former majesty

a king of beasts with no kingdom.


languid steps through the water on the street

she may as well be a raft drifting alone –

a little hand clutches tightly around her neck,

face slicked with water or tears, the difference is unclear.

ii. witness.

channel five at 7AM every morning, stories in a box


greenland’s glaciers could lose more ice-


on this episode of keeping up with…

the alarm sounds, dully registering in the back of his head

case in hand, step after step, out the door

pitter patter of old soles on a concrete path.


same newspaper on the dingy, rusty rack

faint buzzwords as he scans the headlines

“climate change… united nations…”


delicate gray lines on a fresh crossword

reels the stuffy words out.


smiles stretched across delicate, gleaming teeth of his coworkers

hushed tones murmuring about the morning article about this “global warming”

a solemn affair indeed; not fit for conversation over a company meal

the blaring alarm is discarded in favor of

dismal banter and petty gossip.


channel five at 7PM every night, stories in a box

flickering light from distant pixels

shots of despairing faces, whispers of waters rising

he wears a face of polite disinterest

“what a tragedy”

empty phrases litter the ground.


for what is it to him?

long as his pockets are lined

and Fortune plenty,

it is another man’s problem.


after all, how can you fear what you cannot conceive?


iii. warrior.

the knights of arthur once sat at a round table

best among men, equal among brothers.

around this new table of “distinguished fellows” and “honorable leaders”

squabbling amongst one another at an

 “esteemed conference regarding the critical issue of climate change,”

those times seem a distant dream.


scribbled notes tucked in the folder next to her,

a lifetime dedicated to searching for solutions

yet they refuse to meet her gaze: a scientist is nothing to a politician.


not our responsibility-   unreasonable!!

       of course we should do something…


the world has gone mad indeed!

sea foam smothers their eyes and their ears

she may as well be gurgling, babbling, speaking gibberish

when she pleads with facts, with figures, with science

to do something, to do anything


but the economy-    we will lobby!  sir, with all due respect…

     the oil companies-      how do you know it is real?


a bitter sigh, her eyes meet the hands of the clock,

steady in its onset, resolute in its pursuit

the summit will be over soon – platitudes will be given

a fancy piece of paper adorned with countless signatures of men who will go home

as a federation of elected idlers –

old dogs do not learn new tricks.


iv.  future.

your ancestors fiddled as Rome burned

as the silken oil slunk into the waters

as the rip-roaring waves collided with the shoreline

as the song of the birds wavered on its grand final note,

snuffed out by the benzene or by that damn chloride.

when the frenzy of strings and notes came to an end,

mother earth had already become barren, neglected by her children

bitter as the lead that seeped through her skin.


jammed within the withered, gaunt skeleton

of a city that once met the sky

your heart is filled with doubt,

incredulous at the scenes in the stories in a box:

of colors so brilliant, ones that could only be found

in a gently babbling creek

ringed by sycamores or willows or maples

or a gleaming sky so bright

your finger could trace the tales in the stars.


the sky tells no such stories anymore.


v. you

i’ve heard that a story is never complete

without different perspectives

that one narrator is hardly sufficient

and that knowledge is a much greater burden than ignorance.

now that you know

what will you do?

Why I Wrote This Poem

This piece was written during the “Write to Discovery Program.” I wrote this poem to highlight how climate change is a multifaceted issue, as it affects people from all walks of life around the world. Each section of the poem takes on a perspective of someone different, whether that be someone already suffering from the consequences of climate change or someone who is living blissfully unaware of the situation. This poem urges the reader to make their own change and examine their own perspective on climate change, as it’s ultimately an issue that will affect us all.