Morning Commute


Morning Commute

Why I Created This Piece

This piece embodies the simple moments on the TTC during my daily commute that I sometimes take for granted. Though most may dread the waiting and the potentially awkward standing until their next stop, the moments I have on the train are my only glimmers of quiet during a busy day. With such a packed schedule working, running around, planning, and anxiously thinking about the future, my time on the TTC is the only instance during which where I can focus on the present. It’s the time I dedicate to myself to slow down; to read and to engulf myself in another world.

This piece is also dedicated to my appreciation for the ability to transport around Toronto. Although most people have their complaints about how the system runs, I’ve come to admire how much work it must take to keep a large metropolitan city constantly moving. The fact that I can efficiently get from one end of the city to the other just within an hour or so is a luxury in itself. The TTC is a huge part of Toronto’s history, and shows how much the city has grown to date. It’s a system we don’t think too much about in our daily lives because it’s so ingrained into our routines. This piece depicts my appreciation for how much everyone relies on the TTC to keep our lives running in Toronto.


  • Serene Chan

    Serene is a 27 year old self-taught acrylic painter specializing in surreal fantasy worlds. Her style of painting tends to involve whimsical tones in a fairy tale dreamscape, where physical rules are defied. Living in a world of ever-changing emotions and perspectives that can be difficult to articulate, she finds comfort in the idea of freedom from another universe where an explanation is not necessary. She enjoys focusing her subject on escape; exploring a different life, remembering a childhood past or taking a break from a difficult reality.

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