Sixty Puzzle Pieces: Pencil Sketch

Sixty Puzzle Pieces: Pencil Sketch

“60 Puzzle Pieces” by Katharine Kocik, SHAD 2016

I created this because I was motivated to highlight the strong community that we built at University of British Columbia’s SHAD leadership program in just a month. On the first day that we arrived, we all met 59 other people for the first time. On the last day, it felt like I had known everyone for far longer than a month, and I hated the idea of leaving. In order to bring us from that first handshake to how close we were at the end of the month, everyone needed to contribute.

My understanding of leadership as a static leader/follower relationship would have to change, because at SHAD, so many people were amazing leaders. It became clear that the best community would consist of everyone as both a leader and a follower, as we all had our own strengths to share, yet also a lot to learn from others. The 60 puzzle pieces represent the 60 SHAD team members at SHAD UBC 2016. Each represents a leader who had equally essential roles in forming a incredible community.

By Katharine Kocik, SHAD 2016


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