Stay Sustainable & Stay Trendy

We all know that it is important to be aware of the impact we have on the environment, and that we should all be taking action to reduce said impact. It’s the little things that add up: turning off the lights, taking shorter showers, and the questionable, but undeniably catchy “if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down”.

But it doesn’t stop there. The choices we make as consumers also affects the environment in terms of the products we buy, methods of transportation and more. This includes buying eco-friendly light bulbs and recycled paper products, but an earth-friendly attitude stretches even further.

Fashion companies are now responding to the increasing consumer demand for sustainable clothing and accessories. Here are a few brands you may be interested in if you want to have a minimal impact on the ecosystem with maximum style!

Ten Tree

Stay Sustainable & Stay Trendy

Image by Ten Tree 

The name is pretty self-explanatory, for every item you buy, ten trees will be planted. As described on their website, this company places a great importance on corporate social responsibility and transparency in their practices. The official clothing brand is partnered with many not-for-profits worldwide which are dedicated to tree-planting and contributing to a more sustainable earth. They also believe in fair labour practices in environmentally responsible factories, and source the majority of their materials from local regions as to reduce their eco-footprint.


Stay Sustainable & Stay Trendy

Image by Kuyichi 

Visit Kuyichi‘s chic, minimal website and this is one of the first images you’ll see. Each Kuyichi item has a label outlining the sustainable concepts involved in its production. All of their products are made to last, and the company is an outspoken advocate against ‘fast-fashion’. They urge their customers to donate or recycle unwanted clothing rather than have their products go to waste.

ASOS Eco Edit

Stay Sustainable & Stay Trendy 

Image by ASOS 

This specific line of clothing and accessories offers a variety of fair-trade, upcycled and sustainable products. Although not all of the products sold by ASOS are eco-friendly, the Eco Edit is strictly fair-trade and regulated in their production.

Osborn Shoes

Stay Sustainable & Stay Trendy

 Image by Osborn Shoes 

Handmade from sustainable and recycled eco-friendly materials, this line of fashionable footwear offers the best of both worlds. Available in multiple styles, their shoes are both cool-looking and cool for the Earth.

Brilliant Earth

Stay Sustainable & Stay Trendy

Image courtesy of Brilliant Earth

Offering the highest standards of quality in their practices, this fine jewelry company caters to the romantics and the tree-huggers. Their diamonds are strictly sourced in an environmentally responsible manner, use fair labour practices, are free of human rights abuses and contribute to community development. Sounds like a good deal!

Many other companies produce fashion products while keeping their environmental impact minimal, so do your research! If you know of any companies that belong on this list, be sure to comment below.


Want to learn more about INKspire? Check out our organization's website.

Want to learn more about INKspire? Check out our organization's website.
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