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Staying Relevant in an Increasingly Connected World

From the days of the industrial revolution to the modern day, humans have found a way to better their lives and society as a whole. Part of that improvement has been through or been shown through occupations and the job market. However, even with improvements in employment options, there show to be dips and challenges to getting a job in today’s market.

Of course, there are many factors that can be blamed in this age of competition. Could it be the post-secondary studies students are choosing to focus on? Or could it be the general delay in job openings due to the Baby Boomers? Fascinatingly enough, it could be a combination of both, or something more. Post-secondary students like myself have been taught from a very young age to pursue what I have a passion for, and what could better the world. However, regardless of effort and passion, many still struggle with employment, due to a limited number of spots to fill in the workforce, and an outdated networking system.

Staying Relevant in an Increasingly Connected World

With the end of April marking the beginning of my summer break, my friends and I set on the lookout for summer jobs — internships, part-time jobs, anything to gain some valuable experience and make some pocket money. We did not anticipate the difficulties that we would face. Increasingly, employers are recruiting individuals with experience, and not necessarily university freshmen who are looking to gain experience. Although I was able to find a part-time job through a mutual friend, some of my peers were not as fortunate.

“How’s your job search going?”, is a question I’ve asked to many of my friends. And too often, I’ve received a line of increasingly similar responses, “I’ve applied to all the part-time jobs in my area, but I’ve barely received call backs.”

It was just a year ago, when many of my friends and I were part-time employees of different companies, yet for us it appeared that the job market in the year 2018 has changed drastically, and not for the better. While we were all able to attain a position the previous year, this year held less promise for us as we struggled to get a new job, or even find employment with our previous employers. Seeing a large number of people my age hit the same wall this summer, it got me thinking. What was the reason for this supposed job shortage, and how would we, as recent high school graduates find a job to our liking, or even just a job in general?

I was fortunate enough to secure a job for this summer, but it was not through online job searches, and constant posting of my resume, but rather through the people I know. Looking into the main problem behind the job search, I recognized the root of the issue, being our method of searching. The way to find a job is not through online searches, but rather through networking and connections. It’s no longer through what filters we apply to the search engine, or how many resumes we post online, but rather the number and depth of real-life connections we have with other people.

Staying Relevant in an Increasingly Connected World

Of course, while online job engines have provided further convenience in today’s age, it has also provided the same opportunities to everybody who is also searching. With this in mind, there may be many more applicants to one job position than to the traditional word-of-mouth, or job listing outside a store window. This serves as a reminder to young people to not limit themselves by only searching online, but to rather speak, and network with the people around you. 

This might just be a wake-up call for this generation. It’s time to reduce our dependence on job search engines alone, and take control of our own futures through serious personal connections.


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