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The Hatred Within

The Hatred Within

each day,

is painful

because my skin,

my background is

responsible for all deaths

that count for

more and more




on the bus,

they hold their breaths in a rush.

at school,

they run and cough at me

to look cool

but the days

are suffocating

as their gazes

circle around my neck

until I surrender

and pay for my sins

on a cheque.

so I breathe in the suffocating days

and convinced that the essays

they write

make me admit to

my wrongdoings

I hang in the sky

being stared by every passing person

because the attention takes me higher

and higher

until I am exposed to every person

I start to hide in my room

where no one can see me;

where I can’t hear the gossiping voices

until they win

I can’t trust anyone because

I can’t trust myself.

I’m useless,



and the hatred blossoms

and fills the space


Why I Wrote This Piece

This poem was written during the “Write to Discover” program. It expresses the feelings and experiences I faced as a victim of anti-Asian sentiment during COVID-19.


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