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The Indefinite Timeline: Mysteries of Space

In 2018, the human race boasts a growing pool of knowledge of Earth, and of the cosmos. Yet, so much remains unknown. The prehistoric moments when outer space came in contact with the inhabitants of Earth, how Earth even came to be, these are all events plastered on an indefinite timeline yet to be revealed in entirety. Although we are now capable of explaining some of Space’s most basic phenomena and components, the constant discovery of information shows that we are far from truly understanding the vast universe beyond Earth. Here are two such discoveries. 

An Outworld Call: Radio Waves from Space

One of the most recent discoveries in space research lies in Puerto Rico, where astronomers witnessed radio bursts of magnetic waves from Space. Now named FRB 121102, the humongous magnetic waves first struck in 2012, and continues to sporadically strike over the recent years. Some scientists suggest the waves originate from a neutron star (the remains of a former star), but this does not explain the source of their  magnetic power. Thus, others suspect they originate from a black hole, as black holes are common sources of extremely powerful magnetic fields. Regardless of their frequent contact with Earth, however, scientists and astronomers still do not have  nearly enough information to make a definitive conclusion about the source.

The Indefinite Timeline: Mysteries of Space

           The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico (Image Source: National Geographic)

Space Meets Earth: Made from Meteorites

Yet another mystery that challenges what we know of the cosmos come from a closer inspection into the oldest iron tools and artifacts— which, astonishingly, have been discovered to come from space. How is it that after all these years, it is only now that artifacts from ancient civilizations are found to be from space? This only continues to show what limited knowledge we have of what is beyond us, and how much we have to discover. Uncovered were the ancient Egyptian beads and tools, which are composed of meteorites, rather than the commonly used iron ore. This shocking discovery shed light on prehistoric times, introducing more mystery regarding the methods by which ancient Egyptians could mold strong, seemingly-impenetrable material. What’s even more mind-boggling is this: did the Egyptians witness the meteorite’s arrival, or did they simply stumble on its remnants? These are questions that can never be answered, or perhaps can only be answered if we are to continue stumbling upon more clues.

The Indefinite Timeline: Mysteries of Space

Ancient Egyptian Meteorite Beads (Image Source: Science Daily)

Here’s what’s certain: there’s still a lot we don’t know. Still, there is something about the unknown that fuels the striving to make the unknown known. Perhaps it is the responsibility of this generation to make the undefined timeline, a little more definite.


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