Toronto Day

Toronto Day



In Toronto’s embrace, diversity thrives,

A vibrant tapestry of countless lives.

A medley of cultures, colours, and creed,

A symphony of voices that interweave.

From every corner of the world they come,

Seeking a haven, a place to belong.

Together they form a harmonious blend,

A celebration of differences, my friend.

In Kensington Market, flavours collide,

Spices and aromas dance side by side.

A feast for the senses, a global array,

As cultures entwine, barriers decay.

Chinatown’s lanterns illuminate the night,

With stories of resilience, burning bright.

From dragon dances to delicate tea,

Traditions embraced, forging unity.

Little Italy, where laughter cascades,

Family and food in lively parades.

Pasta and pizza, shared with a smile,

An invitation to savour and reconcile.

The Caribbean beats pulsate in the air,

As reggae rhythms invite us to share,

The warmth and joy of island life,

A vibrant spirit free from strife.

In mosques, churches, and temples serene,

Prayers resound, breaking barriers unseen.

Faiths intertwined, love’s common chord,

A testament to the power of the Lord.

Each neighbourhood, a melting pot,

Where languages mingle, connections are sought.

From Urdu to Tagalog, Farsi to Creole,

Voices echo unity, fostering soul.

In festivals and parades that paint the street,

Pride unfurls, embracing love complete.

Colours of the rainbow shine side by side,

In Toronto’s heart, acceptance presides.

Diversity’s strength, a beacon so bright,

Inclusion and respect, shining with might.

Toronto, a testament to what can be,

When hearts unite, celebrating diversity.


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