I discovered that the most tragic word

in the English language

is later.


This term represents the

lazy and doubtful side of ourselves

describing something we intend to do in a subsequent time.


“I will practice the piano later,


“I will start writing that book later.


The greatest tragedy

known to humankind

is later.


Just like how opportunities and ideas

wait for no one,

neither does passion.


Creativity exists in us all,

itching to be let out



The tragedy

is that not everybody

expresses what’s dying to be freed.


The tragedy

is that later

isn’t a promise.


The longer

something is delayed,

then the higher chance motivation will fade.


And when motivation


later turns into never.


Being lazy and doubtful

means that your aspirations

remain forever idle.


A dusty piano,

silent and still,

is a tragedy.


A brain bursting with ingenuity,

but a pen full of ink

is a tragedy.


So instead of waiting

for the perfect moment,

learn to work towards it.


For doing nothing

will result in



I would much rather look back

and see any bits of progress

than to see a desolate void.


I would rather look back

and say that I tried

than see a blank canvas.


Because the second

most tragic word in the English language

is regret.

Why I Wrote This Piece

During the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, I felt unmotivated and lost. I felt as if life was on hold while the rest of the world battled the novel coronavirus. I quickly realized that being stuck at home didn’t necessarily have to be a tragic thing. I decided to engage with old hobbies, although admittedly, I lost inspiration fairly quickly. That’s when I noticed that I had constantly told myself “later” as a continuous excuse to delay my ambitions. An epiphany arose when I realized that I had repeatedly put off writing a book, leaving it for “later.” After some self-reflection, I realized that opportunities can arise from the unlikeliest of circumstances. With the understanding that every story deserves to be told, my love for writing was revived. I knew that these stories and ideas in my head wouldn’t survive forever, which emphasized the importance of getting started and writing down what I had in mind.