Travel is Green

This piece was inspired by my love for travel, meeting new people, and seeing new things. My desire to travel awoke after my visit to Trois-Rivières, Quebec this past summer. There, I met new people, improved my French, discovered new things and tried new food. Life is too short not to travel. I would certainly love to travel my whole life, learn new languages, see historic relics in exotics countries, however I am restricted due to the expenses. This of course applies not only to me, but probably to most people who can’t travel due to the lack of money. This piece, in short, depicts the passion of one to travel, balanced against the financial struggle. Similar to a bird without wings. A bird can fly, and would certainly love to fly, but without wings, it is unable to do so.

Travel is Green

Bob likes to travel.

His favourite past time is travelling.

But this is an expensive past time.

He doesn’t have any money. He needs money to travel though!

They say money is The Green. He needs The Green.

Trees are green. 

Bob wants to live in the trees, amongst the birds and gorillas and owls.

He wants to be one with nature.

But he doesn’t have money.

So he begs, and begs.

Please Sir, I need money to travel. Please Ma’am, I need money for the green.

I need the Green for the green.

You want the Green? Go out and get a job, says his mother.

But he doesn’t want a job. He just wants to travel, and travel.

Travel is life. Life is nature. Nature is green.

Travel is green.

Travel is Green.


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