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What A 7 Year Old Has To Say About Healthy Eating

When I was a young kid, I didn’t put nearly as much thought into healthy living as I do now. I would thoughtlessly devour chips, ice cream, and chocolate. While playing outside, I wouldn’t think about how many calories I might have been burning. However, thanks to my parents, I did know that vegetables were “good” foods and candy, although delicious, was “bad.” I wanted to get a glimpse into that kind of mentality again, and decided to interview Joshua, a 7-year-old, about his health and lifestyle habits. 

What A 7 Year Old Has To Say About Healthy Eating

Hi Joshua. Do you mind if I ask you some questions about healthy living?


Do you eat healthy?

I think so. 

What do healthy foods look like to you?

They are green like broccoli. If you eat it, you become smart.

So you become smarter if you eat healthier foods?

Yeah. But you have to eat a lot.

Do you think it’s important to eat healthy food?

Yes. You stay strong and healthy. If you’re not strong, you get sick and then you can’t play outside with all the kids. I would be sad. 

What kinds of things would a healthy person do?

Healthy people are world champions. So they do world champion stuff. 

World champion stuff? 

Yes. Riding a bike. Jumping really high and riding skateboards. Also running very fast. It’s good to be a world champion.

How do you stay healthy?

By eating healthy homemade food. 

Is exercise good for you? 

Yes, because you get more practice at running. You stay healthy and stronger and then you get smarter as well. When you exercise you can get smarter and then you do good in school. Running fast helps you play better, too. 

When you eat food, do you think about whether it’s healthy for you?

Yes. For example, I ate lasagna and I think it’s healthy so I ate it. 

I have a question. What’s the most healthy food in the world?

Healthiest food to me is vegetables. Pickles. Green ones. Carrots and potatoes, too. Salad. Corn. 

Can you think of other ways to be healthy?

Go outside and play for the Raptors. You drink milk and water to be healthy. Not soda. You do this everyday. 

Thanks for answering my questions Joshua. Any last thoughts?

Is this going to be on TV?

What A 7 Year Old Has To Say About Healthy Eating


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