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YouTube Tips for Nonprofits

To succeed as a non-profit, organizers must expand the visibility of their brand. Highly underutilized but incredibly effective, YouTube allows nonprofits to get the word out and engage a mass audience. Pastor Ed Young knows how to create an engaging YouTube video to increase awareness of his public-speaking tours. Up-and-coming nonprofits, pay attention to the tactics of successful charities and the multitude of benefits of using YouTube for promotion.

Nonprofit Program

Through YouTube’s Nonprofit Program, organizations can create videos to narrate their unique story from inception to present. By joining, YouTube will provide a donate button, enabling viewers to give money directly from the video page. Create custom thumbnails and logo avatars to suit your organization’s character. Add cards to pop up on your video to show text2give numbers, or tell viewers to visit your nonprofit website to learn more. Live streaming through your YouTube channel help publicize nonprofit reports and events.


YouTube Tips for Nonprofits

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YouTube Analytics is a useful tool to gain information and statistics concerning the audience from your uploaded videos. It’s a self-service tool which reports demographics: the number of people watching your video, who they are, where they live, gender and number of views. It also lets you know how viewers landed on your video, such as through suggestions, Google search or an external link.

This feature also keeps track of viewer comments and how many times the video was marked as a favorite. The Audience Retention feature will show you how long viewers watch your video, as well as when people tend to click away. This data is highly valuable when running an ad campaign.

End Screens and Cards

YouTube Tips for Nonprofits

Image Source: Today I Learned

Cards can be added to pop up during certain points of a video and redirect viewers to a different URL. Cards can also be used to show images or titles. They can be used to add an interactive feature to your video.

End screens allow you to redirect viewers to other videos, playlists, channels or a subscription page. They can also be used to promote your website, merchandise or crowdfunding campaigns. The key difference between an end screen and a card is that end screens only show up during the last 5-20 seconds of a video, while cards can show up at any time.


Just like search-engine optimization (SEO), nonprofit organisations need to optimize their videos for search engines. Focus on what terms are important to the nonprofit. A great SEO title and abundant video tags should drive more traffic to the video. Uploading new videos on a consistent basis can help retain new subscribers’ attention. Creating videos about current events or other popular search terms can help your nonprofit channel gain exposure.


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