Become a Writer

Become a Writer

Are you interested in writing for INKspire?

Any youth (ages 14-29) can write for INKspire. Your first step would be to apply as a writer. Once your application has been approved, you can start writing for INKspire!

What can I expect as a volunteer writer for INKspire?

As a volunteer writer in INKspire’s Writers’ Fellowship Program, you will commit to writing for INKspire for a minimum of one year. In this time frame, you can expect to publish five (5) articles to our website. In addition to building a portfolio of published works and learning about the publishing process, you will also be attending workshops to improve your writing and gain industry insights. By completing the entire year’s program and publishing all five articles, you can expect to receive a $350 honorarium and a certificate for completing your work.

Recruitment for this program begins late July/early August. Please check back then and follow us on Instagram, X, Facebook, or LinkedIn for updates!

Can I write for INKspire as a guest contributor instead?

Absolutely! If you already have something written that you feel like it belongs on INKspire, submit through our form here. Our publishing team will get back to you shortly.

What happens when I submit to INKspire?

Once you submit your piece, our editors will review your work and provide feedback. Please be patient as we receive a lot of submissions and it may take us 1-2 weeks to respond to your work.


INKspire strives to empower and engage youth ages 14 – 29 from any demographics. All submissions should be easily readable for the target audience.


While INKspire encourages contributors to express their thoughts and opinions, be considerate and open to alternative ideas on the issues you are writing about. Refrain from using a biased tone and consider mentioning alternative perspectives. Refrain from writing in a purely academic tone that might make it difficult for some readers to understand such as the use of jargons and acronyms.

Submission Types

INKspire accepts a variety of content submissions. Below are some types of submissions and their general writing and formatting guidelines.

  • Blog Articles: Blog articles quickly deliver a specific message to the reader, such as raising awareness for a particular issue. They are usually directed at a pre-defined audience. The style is conversational and informal.
  • Feature Articles: Feature articles have a more personal voice compared to news articles. The style is narrative, descriptive, and anecdotal. But make sure your opinion does not skew the facts!
  • Q&As/Interviews: Articles written from an interview should be written and formatted to be a refined revision of the oral transcript. The author has full discretion of what to include or exclude from the original interview into the final submission. However, the author may not transcribe the interview in a way that distorts the intended message of the interviewee(s). The author must provide a brief introduction to the interview.
  • Creative Writing: Creative writing includes poems, short stories, personal essays, and monologues. All creative writing submissions need to be accompanied with a brief description about the work. In short, it should answer the question “What inspired you to make this piece?”.
  • Artwork: Artwork includes comics and caricatures, photography, graphic illustrations, and scanned reproductions of hand-produced art. All artwork submissions need to be accompanied with a brief description about the work. In short, it should answer the question “What inspired you to make this piece”.

For more information, please consult INKspire’s Style Guide.

Want to learn more about INKspire? Check out our organization's website.
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