Sunday Night

I go into the kitchen,

and as my eyes adjust to the darkness

I am able to make out a shadow

of a hunched back.

The TV screen illuminates his face.


As the clock strikes eleven,

the phone besides him

vibrates with an urgent buzz .


With a jolt, he jumps out of his chair,

run his fingers through his hair,

and slides his arms into his coat. 


By placing his hands on the steering wheel,

he arrives at his destination.


He breaks into a huge smile

when he sees his beloved 

waiting for him,


under the streetlight. 


The moment my dad set eyes on my mother, 

He could not take his eyes off and knew that 

He has found his other half. 

They have been together for as long as I can remember 

Why I Wrote This Piece

This submission is part of the “Write to Discover” program. This poem is about my dad and his love for my mom; as illustrated above, an example is that he will wait however long it takes to ensure that my mom arrives home safely. My dad is my inspiration for this poem, as through the small yet impactful sacrifices he makes in his daily life, the people in his surroundings (such as myself and my family) are fortunate to experience the kindness he imparts on those he comes across.


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